A reliable product is only whole with firm quality assurance & control

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All solar modules that are produced by Belinus Solar are made to go through a thorough and rigorous multi-step quality test before being sold.


You can learn more about Belinus Solar' European quality assurance control below.


The technology, quality, and supply chain teams of Belinus commit themselves to the provision of products of the highest quality, even before the production process begins at all.


Pre-Contractual Technical Requirement and Quality Action Plan Review


Pre-contractual agreements are made with suppliers in regards to all the technical, quality, and inspection requirements (standards, reliability tests, characterization, supplier’s QAP, inspection pass/fail parameters, etc.).


Factory, Workshop, and Production Line Audits


Every single order made is carefully crafted by a team of highly skilled engineers who use a 1,000+ point checklist to audit a factory location, including the workshops and lines specific to your order. All their discoveries during this process are meticulously recorded and classified according to their risk potential.


Factory Acceptance Testing and Design Review


We conduct factory acceptance tests (FATs) that are specifically designed to make sure the storage systems are up to optimum capacity and can meet the minimum functional and performance requirements. These tests are also carried out to validate critical parameters, testing standards, and also to verify the safety of the systems.


Bill of Materials (BOM) Compliance Verification


We also undertake a confirmation and verification that the raw materials and components we use during our production process are in complete accordance and agreement with the BOM and also match those in the CDF (Constructional Data Form). This is done to confirm the IEC or UL certification of our products is accurate and valid.



Inline Production Monitoring (IPM)

We monitor our inline production with the use of a 280+ point checklist. An uninterrupted 24/7 monitoring of all stations in a factory location during the production of an order is also put in place for strict and effective supervision. Any finding during this process is recorded and strictly classified according to risk potential.


Post-Production Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)


Visual, EL, and IV inspections are carried out on all finished products by inspecting a sample lot of the modules according to a certified list of vetted quality specifications. All findings are carefully recorded and classified according to their risk potential.


Container Loading Monitoring (CLM)


We conduct a confirmation on all boxes and pallets of products being loaded into shipping containers. They all come exclusively from inspected and approved lots. This confirmation is done to ascertain that all packaging and loading meet the required specifications.


Batch Testing (PID, LID, LeTID, etc)


We test randomly selected samples from a production batch, and the approval of the production lot shipment is determined by the agreed-upon test result pass/fail standard.