Bloomberg Tier 1 Solar Cells and
Modules production


Bloomberg - the provider of financial and investment analysis, developed a tier system that classifies solar panels into three tiers - tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 based on an analysis carried out on the dependability of solar power projects that involve multifarious evaluations. The tier system empowers informed and quality decision-making of investors, financiers, and lenders; like banks and financial institutions.


What are the criteria for tier-1 solar panels?


Tier-1 solar panels, according to Bloomberg's tiering criteria, are those produced by manufacturers who:


  1. Operate the entire production process themselves, from early-stage silicon wafer production to solar panel assembly, allowing for full quality control—a manufacturer who uses any outsourced components is disqualified from the tier-1 listing;

  2.  Invest in solar panel research and development, including the entire production process, to enable continued product development;

  3. Use innovative manufacturing automation technology to ensure that the products produced are of consistently high quality; and

  4. Has over five years of production experience, demonstrating that they are experts who are capable and have a solid grasp of solar panel production.


Why are tier-1 solar panels the go-to choice?


Bloomberg's tiering system, which is widely accepted around the world, has manufactured solar panels from its listed tier-1 manufacturers the best-selling category because combined with the photovoltaic performance from first-rate production, entrepreneurs who invest their money in a solar power project can expect better lifetime maintenance and service support from the solar panel manufacturer. Furthermore, projects that employ tier-1 solar panels have a better chance of obtaining project funding than those that use non-tier-1 equipment.


What’s the link between Belinus and Bloomberg Tier 1?

Even though Belinus Solar is not on the Bloomberg Tier 1 list, all of the factories from which Belinus Solar manufactures solar cells and modules are (we welcome independent audit).

This ensures the durability of our 30-Year All-in-One warranty as well as the quality of our modules.