Belinus Solar launches M8 Series ultra-black double glass bifacial 380W modules powered by the
N-type technology

The 2021 Solar Solutions International exhibition took place in October. Soon after the exhibition, Belinus unveiled its M8 Series - the first double glass bifacial module with Ultra Black + N-type TOPCon cells – and once again leads the PV industry with the superior appearance and high-efficiency technology.


The M8 series maintains the optimal 166mm cell and 120c module size and adopts Belinus Solar's proprietary Ultra Black technique and DLAR technique based on N-type TOPCon (High-Performance Cell with Hybrid Passivated Contact). The conversion efficiency is up to 21.5% and power reaches 390W in mass production. In addition, the modules guarantee 100% power output, and the warranty is reinsured by Munich RE.

Designed to deliver ultra-high value and lower LCOE to premium residential installations and commercial installations, the Belinus M8 series is expected to be the flagship product leading a breakthrough in module efficiency and energy yield.

From its commitment to monocrystalline silicon technology to broad applications of monocrystalline silicon-based PERC technology spanning P-type bifacial technology to M6 wafer standards, each of the Belinus Solar’s breakthroughs is based on the maximization of customer value and reduction of LCOE. The Belinus Solar's technologies have accelerated the PV industry. The M8 series, the newly unveiled TOPCon module is the latest masterpiece of Belinus Solar’s continuous innovation that offers unprecedented improved performance.

With Belinus ultra black cell technique based N-type TOPCon, M8 series can achieve higher bifacial gain, better temperature coefficient and low irradiance performance, lower working temperature, better LID and PID performance. Energy yield is 2-3% higher than that of mainstream P-type bifacial modules.

In tandem with ultra-black cells and Belinus Solar’s proprietary DLAR glass coating technology, the Belinus M8 series guarantees 100% power output for 30 years. 

The initial year degradation is under 0% and linear degradation is under 0% (Degradation of similar mainstream products is around 2% in its initial year, and linear degradation is approximately 0.45% per year). Calculated on a 30-year lifecycle, the conversion efficiency of M8 series modules will be 16% higher than that of other mainstream products in the market.

Belinus offers the most comprehensive warranty in the solar industry: 30+30+30 All-in-One warranty. The warranty is reinsured by Lloyd’s in London (M7 series) and Munich RE (M8 series).