Started in 2015 as a solar panel engineering and quality inspection service company, Belinus is a Belgian technology company with its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium, and a reputable presence in over 10 countries spread across Europe.

Belinus specializes in the research, development, production of innovative high efficiency ultra-black solar double glass solar and BIPV solutions.

Our mission


Turning buildings to power stations

Our present


All Belinus products are strictly founded on innovative and futuristic technologies:

  • We strictly utilize the N-type technology in powering and producing every of our ultra-black solar cells

  • DLAR glass coating technology

  • 30-year all-in-one warranty reinsured by Lloyd's and Munich RE 

Our strategy


Belinus aims at global expansion and takeover to ascertain prompt service and product offerings to all our customers around the world.


We are intentional about heavily investing all kinds of resources in the research and development of new exquisite products that will afford our customers’ utmost convenience and ultra-modern solutions that will empower them to enact their projects with the least possible LCOE.


Our progressive ideals drive us to ceaselessly improve the performance, reliability, and power of the modules we create. This enables our modules to exercise their full technological advantage in the market and propels us in our journey to being the world’s leading supplier of innovative solar modules.


Our future


Currently, Belinus produces at a capacity of over 2GW in Europe and Asia, however, we plan on astronomically scaling up to a production capacity of over 3.5GW by the end of  2022.


The laid out plan, mission, strategic vision, and ambitions of our team here at Belinus make us optimistic about reaching our goals, and the strict performance supervision and flexible goal adjustment with changing times enable us to retain an excellent position in the field of integrated photovoltaic solutions.