The most comprehensive warranty in the entire
solar industry.


Our solar panels have the highest DC power output protection in the whole solar industry with as high as 92% DC power in year 25 of use; and 88% DC power in year 30 of use.


  Total protection for flaws caused by workmanship errors and faulty materials for 30 years.


Seamless replacement, repairs, and compensation for any defective panel.


Industry's longest and most comprehensive warranty

The Belinus All-in-One warranty is the only home solar warranty to offer an outstanding 30-year coverage for new parts shipping, old parts shipping, as well as installation fees. This ingenious warranty plan saves you from additional costs on your purchases for 30 years.

An All-in-One warranty begins with a reliable product

Each component of the Belinus solar panels is skillfully designed with utmost care to maximize its working lifespan and each component is thoroughly tested for long-term dependability.


See: Eupopean Quality Control page

Solar Panels

Benefits of our All-in-One warranty

Belinus remains the only company in the world that stands behind you for all possible costs incurred on your solar panel, and what’s more?! For 30 years!

We also:

  • Provide repair or replacement for your solar panels at no additional charge; and this includes both labor and shipping

  • Don’t require receipts, proof of purchase, or written claims from you

Power, product, and service, we’ve got you all covered

Belinus covers 100% of repair or replacement costs, which you would never find any other conventional solar warranty offering. Labor, shipping, parts – we have you covered for 30 years.

Plus we give a guarantee that your panels would lose no more than 10% of their original DC power output within 25 years of use in contrast to the 16% loss in DC power output for conventional solar panel companies.

What’s even better is that we guarantee that your panels won’t lose any more than 12% of their original DC power output in 30 years, as opposed to the regular solar panel companies who don’t have this guarantee.